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Midwest Book Review

Great American Railroad Stations is the definitive guide to America's great railroad stations telling the story of more than 700 of these historical masterpieces. Great American Railroad Stations is a excellent resource for on-site and armchair travelers alike with its lavish illustrations, historical text, and practical information. Janet Potter provides detailed biographical profiles for each station, covering the year of construction, name of original railroad, designer, style, and materials. Focusing on buildings that are still standing, she explains what the station is used for today, and describes its current condition from a preservation/restoration standpoint. And, with the help of more than 500 beautiful archival photographs and detailed drawings, Potter helps the reader gain a fuller understanding of what these structures were like in their heyday. Great American Railroad Stations is organized by region for quick, easy reference. Stations in all 50 of the United States are covered, and the street addresses of each building have been provided. Great American Railroad Stations is a terrific addition to any railfans bookshelf or community library's trains & railroading collection.

The publisher, John Wiley & Sons

This comprehensive guide documents over 700 great American railroad stations in existence today. All the stations have been selected based on their architectural features, historical significance, current use and status and are organized by region for ease of use. The author outlines the importance of preservation issues and the difficulties involved in rescuing railroad stations. Contains 500+ historic and contemporary detailed photographs and line drawings.

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