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Network Growth Initiative

Station Foundation's New Initiative Helps Cities to be Served Under Amtrak's Network Growth Strategy

The adoption of the Network Growth Strategy by Amtrak's Board of Directors represents recognition that growing the network is the key to Amtrak's long-term survival. Planning and implementing new service in 21 states is a daunting task for Amtrak, involving dozens of railroad negotiations, along with challenging work to establish profitable mail and express services. For this reason, the Station Foundation Board of Directors, now led by Chairman John Robert Smith has decided to undertake a priority project to ensure a high level of station amenities, services and partnerships in each of the new cities to be served by Amtrak under its Network Growth Strategy.

The NGS Stations project would involve two distinct phases:

  1. Station inventory and identification of needed improvements: collection of available data on the stations being added to the system as a result of the Amtrak service expansion, beginning with the Amtrak and Great American Station Foundation station data bases, and expanding to include other information sources. Building upon these results, GASF will assess the actual physical condition, amenities and accessibility of each station, and identify the needed improvements in facilities, passenger amenities, and transportation intermodal connections.
  2. Outreach and assistance to affected communities: This final and most important phase would engage the communities through technical assistance contracts to be matched by city-state or foundation resources. These contracts would commit the community to undertake station improvement projects, assist in identifying funding sources and other resources to enable them to succeed. The Station Foundation's emphasis on the community economic development benefits of station revitalization enables it to most effectively energize community involvement in local depots. This outreach effort will provide Amtrak and the states with better stations, improved ridership and revenue, more committed and supportive communities and savings of both capital and operating costs.

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